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We exhibit our dog in the World Dog Shows and always come  back with a trophy.

We strive to breed dogs to meet the Standard (to look as correct as possible) with
the objective of
developing a selective program to improve the breed and produce the Best and correct we can.

Correctness, health, functionality - is what important to us.

I am experienced with dogs of all calibers and very picky.
I have owned dogs since 1977, and have been researching
the Chinese Crested breed for the last 9 years, where 5 years i spent without having one.
Over the past twenty years I have studied and researched many dog breeds.
I have had in past and was involved with German Sheepherds, Ovcharka, Moscow Storozhevaya (watchdog), Bishon, Poodle, etc.

We work (own / co-own and show dogs internationally (different countries).

My kennel name "Wild Child" is officially registered in FCI KC
Thank you for visiting. Enjoy our Chinese Crested Dogs and puppies!
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Each dog is a challenge and long years of waiting.
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I am thrilled you are here!
"We never really own a dog as much as he owns us".
Gene Hill, Brown Dog,Tears & Laughter
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